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About Kaytoob
In the ancient Middle East, before Twitter, Facebook and Instagram were ever conceived, the Kaytoob sat with people, wrote down their thoughts, opinions and stories, and shared them with other people. In the UAE at that time, few had the ability to write [...]

Welcome Note
Happy New Year to all of you! I am very pleased to welcome you to the first issue of Kaytoob for 2017. I trust that this year is going to be an even greater year for all of us. Before I do the usual introduction of what’s in-store on this issue  [...]

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RAK FTZ New Services

Online Licence Renewals

A new feature is added to the E-Payment Gateway on 17 July 2014. RAK FTZ clients can now pay for licence renewals online via Mastercard and Visacard.

E-Payment Gateway

RAK FTZ clients can benefit from the E-Payment Gateway service launched on 11 May 2014 to pay for free zone services online including new registrations, pre-approvals and service sales orders.

Notary Services

RAK FTZ provides notary services on-site to help clients authenticate documents starting from 3 June 2014.

Emirates Identity Card

As a service to its licensed clients, RAK FTZ now offers processing of the Emirates Identity Card application form starting from 25 February 2014.