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Welcome Note

Happy New Year to all of you! I am very pleased to welcome you to the first issue of Kaytoob for 2017. I trust that this year is going to be an even greater year for all of us.

Before I do the usual introduction of what’s in-store on this issue, I would like to share how excited I am this year for RAK FTZ. A lot of developments will unfold on the coming months, and they are all designed to offer our clients a more nurturing growth environment. 

You will come to know more of this months passabout this as we go along in the year, but now, let me give you a sneak peak of what we have prepared for this issue.

For the Expert Talk section, we featured an article that talked about the influx of Indian businessmen coming to Ras Al Khaimah to gain access of the fast-growing GCC economies. Our very ownRAK FTZ clients including Utico and Eurocap shared an insight view on how it is tospoke positively about their experienceregarding operating a business in  operate from gave testaments in the interview, highlighting the advantages of setting up a business inthe free zone  RAK and RAK FTZin RAK overall. .

Moving on, we wrote three stories for different companies who have been our partner for the past years in the Client Corner section, namely: Musthafa & Almana Associates, an award-winning legal and business consultancy firm; G&N Enterprise, a successful trader of electric and building materials as well as construction equipment; and N.E.O Consulting, one of the largest business set-up service provider in RAK FTZ.

Get introduced to some of the newest members of the RAK FTZ family in the New Partners section. We had the chance to interview the wellness tour provider Beauty J Consultancy, paging system distributor SmartLab Systems Trading, boutique legal firm Rashmi & Prasad Legal Consultancy, and the up-and-coming sari brand Eve’s Fab Boutique.                                                                                                        

As for the RAK FTZ Updates section, you can read about the Academic Zone expansion as well as our strategic partnership with the first-ever RAK Finance and Investment. On the other hand, we covered the latest happenings in the emirate in the Around RAK section. Browse through it to find out more about the reported RAK Airport’s rise in passenger traffic, the giant Japanese manufacturer’s decision to set up a subsidiary in RAK, as well as the record-breaking glowing graffiti wall in Saqr Park.

Finally, if you are a seafood lover, this issue’s RAK Top 5 is not to be missed as we compiled the best seafood restaurants in Ras Al Khaimah. 

So, these are all for now. Again, happy New Year and may we all have a prosperous and peaceful 2017! See you all again in the next quarter.


Ramy Jallad

Chief Executive Officer



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