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RAK FTZ Named as the Most Innovative Free Zone at the First Emirates & Europe Economic Forum

RAK FTZ Named as the Most Innovative Free Zone at the First Emirates & Europe Economic Forum

RAK FTZ has been honoured by the Emirates and Europe Economic Forum with an Innovation Award, winning the category of “Innovative Development of Free Zones”. The event took place in Warsaw, Poland, last May.

 “Being named as the most innovative free zone gives us great honour and joy. We, at RAK FTZ, have adopted the concept of innovation since our inception. This award is a recognition of our constant hard work of making the free zone an enabling business environment to the investment community,” said Ramy Jallad, CEO of RAK FTZ. “In support of the UAE’s National Innovation strategy, we encourage everyone in the free zone to think and act in creative ways to achieve client satisfaction. We are proactive in coming up with new projects and value-added services, constructing more tailor-made facilities as well as reinventing our administrative systems to fast-track the processes and provide more ease of doing business. We always ensure that our clients are well supported by the best and most innovative business solutions.”

Gulay Avci, RAK FTZ’s Regional Manager – Turkey, accepted the award on behalf of the free zone. She also participated as one of the panellists at a discussion held on second day of the conference, which tackled the sources of investment financing and the role of financial institutions.

For over 16 years, RAK FTZ has positioned itself among the most progressive organisations in the UAE. In the recent years, the free zone has undergone major infrastructure developments and introduced several programmes that contribute to the growth of over 8,600 investors, as well as boost the economy of the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah.



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