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Ayesha Karim’s law practice goes RAK

Ayesha Karim’s law practice goes RAK

The United Arab Emirates has always had a deep-rooted respect for the law even well before its official establishment as a Union in 1971. In fact, the UAE is one of the first countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region to have a working constitution even before its official creation.

As the dawn of modernity spread throughout the nation, so too was the need to develop a modern and solid legal system, and thus emerge as a premiere hub for international businesses, and attracting  more and more law professionals who are setting up their practice in the country.

Seasoned advocate and long-time legal consultant Ms Ayesha Karim has worked in the UAE for over 16 years and was one of the thousands of legal practioners who recognised the nation as a global judiciary centre. She chose Ras Al Khaimah as a base for her legal practice – which transcends the regional boundaries through partnerships with renowned Indian-based international law firms.

Asked why she selected the emirate as a platform for her business, Ms Karim, who is also a writer for various legal publications and an animal rights activist, stated that she had done extensive research into the various free zones in the UAE and came to the conclusion that Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone offers the best and most cost-effective services and incentives. Thus, Ayesha Karim Legal Consultancy FZE was born under RAK FTZ in October 2013.

“I have been in the legal field both in India and the UAE with major law firms for more than a quarter of a century,” said Ms Karim, Managing Director of the company, “and it is imperative for me that the entity I have my business under should have a friendly, supportive and responsive environment”. Ms Karim said she chose RAK FTZ because of the top-notch level of business support services provided in a friendly atmosphere and at cost-effective prices.

Asked on her future plans, Ms Karim said she plans to consolidate her legal practice which currently covers commercial and corporate law, employment law, real estate and construction and dispute resolution. 


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