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Read for free on Ras Al Khaimah buses

Read for free on Ras Al Khaimah buses

The Ras Al Khaimah Transport Authority (RAKTA) has launched a promising drive to promote reading among passengers.

 As per the 'Reading Trip', the RAKTA, in collaboration with the Economic Development Department (EDD) here, will initially distribute up to 180 books on its public buses. The books will initially be distributed in two public buses and 10 limousine cars, according to official sources. "Every passenger will be given a book and three brochures for developing awareness on general issues."

 Ahmed Obaid Al Tunaiji, Deputy-Director, RAKTA, said the books will be updated and more books will be added in later phases, on a regular basis. "This will help enrich passengers' knowledge and encourage them to read more." The commuter has to return the book as he gets off the vehicle.

The move will help boost a sustainable knowledge-based economy in line with the directives of the UAE's prudent leadership, he added. "The scheme is part of the RAK Read initiative."

Amal Ismael, team leader of the RAK Read initiative, said the campaign, is the first of its kind in the country. It will be a great asset to all passengers, particularly those on long intercity trips.

"An array of books on different issues in Arabic and English will be available on the RAKTA buses so that they can spend their time reading."

The team has given a detailed presentation to the RAKTA passengers in three languages - Arabic, English and Urdu, Ismael explained. "Commuters are also enlightened about the intiative at the waiting area on a regular basis."

So far, only the 45-seat buses will be provided with the books and awareness brochures, she underlined. "Two more limousine cars will be part of the initiative in the second stage to kick off later this year."

The books will be available on the intercity buses over the coming three years, Ismael stated. "These will be available in more languages so that more people can benefit from the campaign."

Source: www.khaleejtimes.com


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