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Azerbaijan consultancy firm helps launch businesses in RAK

Azerbaijan consultancy firm helps launch businesses in RAK

Trade volumes between the United Arab Emirates and Azerbaijan have been on a steady rise for the past decade or so. The enhanced ties between the two nations were culminated by High Highness the Vice President of the UAE Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid’s historic two-day visit to the Azeri capital Baku in April 2015, heading a senior delegation which included the Ministry of Economy, upon an invitation by Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev.

The rising trade between the two nations prompted Azeri entrepreneur Orkhan Majidov to establish a management consultancy firm in RAK FTZ under the name N.E.O Consulting FZC which was formed towards the end of 2014. The company “provides services to aspiring businesses especially from Azerbaijan who wish to set up in the UAE,” he clarified, and added that his company is “one of the largest business set-up service provider for the incorporation of onshore and offshore companies under RAK FTZ and RAK ICC”.

Mr Majidov, who is also the N.E.O Consulting’s General Manager, said that his company helps in the formation and servicing of business entities that wish to utilise the numerous advantages of setting up shop in the strategically placed emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. “We encourage all businessmen from all over the world, to form their businesses in the emirate, specifically in RAK FTZ, to enjoy various business and growth opportunities present not only in the UAE but in the whole GCC region,” he said.

“We have personally and fully benefited from the friendly and efficient methods of the staff of RAK FTZ,” he added, also elaborating that the “very easy and uncomplicated” efficient method of registering a business in RAK FTZ plus the “fast-track approvals of applications via the free zone’s one-stop shop facility substantially lessens the time spent in bureaucracy and more on the actual running of your business”. 

As for N.E.O Consulting’s future plans, Mr Majidov expressed interest in expanding the company’s RAK office as well as launch branch offices in major cities across the globe.

“The past two years has been very remarkable for the company. This 2017, we will definitely be starting to look into what expansions can be done to sustain our growth and serve more clients,” Mr Majidov concluded.


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