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Indian legal consultancy firm builds a strong presence across Europe and Asia

Indian legal consultancy firm builds a strong presence across Europe and Asia

While the UAE is experiencing a continued surge of business and trade activity, the courts in the country are receiving a higher number of legal cases. In 2014, a court in Dubai recorded AED 1.76 billion worth of claims and counterclaims, an 81 per cent increase from the previous year which was AED 971.2 million.

While running a business can be rewarding, it is important for investors to see the importance of getting a competent legal professional on their side in order to avoid hurdles worth thousands of dirhams. The good news is that the UAE’s legal industry is booming, and investors in the country easily get access to a variety of legal consultancy firms with different areas of practices.

One of Ras Al Khaimah’s newest home-grown firms is Rashmi and Prasad Legal Consultancy FZC. Although the company was newly established in July 2015, its in-house lawyers boast over 32 cumulative years of experience in resolving complex legal matters.

“It is easy for businesses, whether small or large enterprises, to overlook the need for legal advice on their transactions. This mistake often leads them to facing hefty lawsuits, and that’s why we are here – to help our clients avoid the unnecessary legal troubles or if they are already facing such, we make sure to get them out of the situation,” said the company’s Founder and Managing Partner, Rashmi Prasad. She also added that her legal firm offers strategic and commercially-focused solutions by fully understanding the needs of the client's business.

“Many businessmen are hesitant to get a lawyer’s advice because they assume that it is going to be pricey, which may be true,” Prasad shared, “but at our firm, we offer quality service at reasonable rates as well as unconditional and no-obligation first half-hour consultation to give our clients the opportunity to find out whether they feel comfortable working with us”.

In just a year and a half, Rashmi and Prasad Legal Consultancy has already gained a strong foothold in India, the UK and other countries in the European region. Among the many services that the firm specialises are arbitration/alternate dispute resolution, corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, trademark registration, wills and succession planning as well as offshore company formation.

On her decision to base her practice in RAK, Prasad said that setting up shop in the emirate was a really smart move. “Affordability and accessibility – these are the answers I always tell colleagues in the industry whenever they ask me why I chose to establish the firm in Ras Al Khaimah,” she said. “The emirate offers the lowest cost of living and doing business, which was a definite selling point for me. Plus, it is just an hour’s drive from Dubai”.

Prasad also noted that forming a company in RAK FTZ has been so far very rewarding as she has experienced “nothing but complete ease of doing business thanks to the free zone’s client-centred approach”. “Since day one, RAK FTZ’s experienced Client Relations team has been attending to my needs and helping me with my every requirement”.

As for Rashmi and Prasad Legal Consultancy’s future, she envisions a positive outlook, highlighting that among its many plans is to form a strategic partnership with RAK FTZ in promoting the emirate as an ideal investment destination for international investors.


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