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Deep Blue Pump FZC Investment Flows into Ras Al Khaimah UAE

Deep Blue Pump Company is an international manufacturer of petro-chemical, chemical and water pumps that also trades in natural gas equipment, spare parts, pump engines and valves. The company operates in more than 100 countries worldwide including the United Arab Emirates (UAE), USA, Venezuela, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, China, India, Russia and others.

The company expanded its operations from the Netherlands by establishing Deep Blue Pump FZC in the Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone (RAK FTZ) in March 2011. The company chose RAK FTZ because of its location and the fact that it provides the same benefits of 100 per cent foreign ownership, ready-made facilities and ongoing business set-up support as free zones in other parts of the UAE, but at substantially lower cost, allowing the company to maximise its profits.

“RAK FTZ has a strategic geographical location to reach fast-growing world markets through options of airports and sea ports nearby,” said Sebastiaan Van Kampen, General Manager, Deep Blue Pump FZC. “With its zero corporate or income taxes and full repatriation of profits, clients own 100 per cent of their businesses. We are very satisfied with the world-class facilities and award-winning services that RAK FTZ offers, and we are very pleased with the customer services.”

Deep Blue Pump FZC is engaged in the manufacturing and trading of international high quality centrifugal pumps to meet all requirements for the oil and gas, water, chemical, petro-chemical and nuclear industries.

At present, Deep Blue Pump FZC is producing around 8,500 pumps of various kinds per year (including API610, DIN/ISO, ANSI, Manufacturers Standard), with the possibility of increasing production to as many as 12,500 pumps annually. The company plans to expand even further by setting up a new industrial manufacturing project/facility in the UAE.

Deep Blue Pump FZC attains a high efficiency of production business, quality and service performance. All the process of designing and development, fabrication, sales and service are in accordance with ISO and other international certifications.

For more information on Deep Blue Pump, please log on to: http://www.deepbluepumps.com/


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