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Sturdy Products, Maker of Laundry Trolleys and Other Plastic Merchandise, Rolls into RAK FTZ

Sturdy Products, Maker of Laundry Trolleys and Other Plastic Merchandise, Rolls into RAK FTZ

Sturdy Products Ltd, a manufacturer of moulded plastic products, was established in Ireland in 1981. For the past 10 years, it has exported products to the UAE. In 2007, the company expanded into the Middle East market at Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone (RAK FTZ), one of the fastest-growing and most cost-effective free trade zones in the UAE, and home to more than 7,500 active companies.

Sturdy Products UAE Ltd immediately began taking advantage of the free zone’s business-friendly services and world-class facilities. The company manufactures a range of plastic products including laundry trolleys for hotels and hospitals, a range of construction industry products including certified mortar tubs, waste chutes, environmental products such as wheeled bins and litre bins, and  a wide range of tanks. Additionally, the company produces a wide range of road and motorway safety products through a rotational moulding process.

Ras Al Khaimah’s strategic geographical location allowed Sturdy to easily access fast-growing markets. It supplies products to Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan, the GCC and other countries, as well as within the UAE.

“RAK FTZ is a helpful, encouraging organisation, with a real practical attitude to provide efficient and effective, award-winning business set-up solutions,” said John J Hanlon, Chairman of Sturdy Products in the UAE and Europe. “The lack of ‘red tape’ and a ‘quick-progress’, active approach to problem-solving is welcome in the Middle East. RAK FTZ caters to the unique requirements of small, medium and large businesses and is as an effective gateway to markets in North Africa, Europe, the Middle East and South Asia.”

Sturdy Products UAE continuously works with market partners to invent new and unique products that protect the environment and encourage sustainability.


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