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Avionics Global FZC Flying High at RAK Free Trade Zone

Avionic Global FZC caters to the fast-growing, hobby-related sector of radio-controlled aeroplanes, helicopters, multi-copters, gliders, cars, boats, and more.

The company promises an exceptional and unique experience as a distributor of radio-controlled devices for enthusiasts from every age group across the Middle East and beyond.

The company was established in June 2011 in India, expanding to retail walk-in stores as well as an online shop. It also operates in Hong Kong, and expanded to the Middle East by opening a subsidiary in Ras Al Khaimah in June 2014.

Avionic Global FZC decided to set up shop at Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone (RAK FTZ) because it offers the same business-friendly advantages of 100 per cent foreign ownership, full repatriation of profits, fast-track visas and licences, and complete freedom from taxation as free zones in other emirates but at lower cost, allowing for greater profits.

“We initially thought of RAK due to the cost-effectiveness factor. However, after a few discussions with the RAK FTZ business development team, we were very impressed with the excellent service and quick response we get compared to other free zones across the other emirates regions. Hence our first choice of setting up a business was RAK FTZ,” said Syed Noor Mohamed, Managing Partner of Avionic Global FZC. “We were treated with the utmost respect, and full attention was given to us during the entire process right from the first call till we got our company registered at RAK FTZ. We wish to grow our business here in Ras Al Khaimah and hope to get the required support from the authorities for future expansion.”

Taking advantage of RAK FTZ’s strategic location as an effective gateway to markets in North Africa, Europe, the Middle East and South Asia, Avionic Global FZC caters its products to the fast-growing market of what it calls “passion” – that is, passion to build, fly, drive, sail, and race.In addition to its online business activity as well as its offices and warehouse facility in RAK FTZ, Avionic Global FZC plans to start a manufacturing unit in the free zone within a year.

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