RAK FTZ Exective Offices



1.       What is Easy Payment Plan?


RAK FTZ has tied up with leading banks in the UAE to offer Easy Payment Plan, allowing our clients to convert their payments into small monthly instalments, making larger invoices affordable. 


2.       What are the advantages of Easy Payment Plan over other instalment schemes?


In other easy payment plans, after making the purchases, clients need to call the bank and request to convert the amount into Easy Payment Plan. In the RAK FTZ payment scheme, once the clients select the “Pay in Instalments” option on our portal and then select the plan, our partner company “PAYFORT” will take the necessary action to provide the needed services.


3.       What are the steps to convert to Easy Payment Plan?


  • You will receive an invoice or a sales order on your designated email ID
  • Click on the link provided in the invoice for online payment
  • Click on "Pay in Instalments" option and follow the simple instructions to process the payment
  • Select the country of the bank (UAE or Saudi Arabia), bank and add the number of instalments
  • Once the payment is processed successfully, you will receive a confirmation email for the same


4.       What are the Terms & Conditions?


  • Interest/Profit charges apply on the instalment scheme by the bank
  • Minimum Payment of AED 1,000/- applies
  • Maximum limit is based on the credit limit of the card holder
  • Scheme is available only for the participating banks